POOL Inspect

A public or community pool is a great added value component to any neighborhood. But as a property manager, the annual pool inspection (due before the pool opens each year) can be a real drain (pardon the pun). That’s where we come in with Pool Inspect. We inspect public, community, and private pool electrical systems. We coordinate directly with the pool contractor as necessary and send the required certifications to everyone on your list. We will also schedule and perform any necessary electrical repairs. This seamless coordination gives you, the property manager, the gift of time.

The most valuable thing Relay Electric does for me would be my electrical inspections at the four swimming pools I manage. This gives me peace of mind to know if I do have any issues that would cause the City inspector to fail the overall inspection, that Relay Electric will bring them to my attention and take care of them in a timely manner.
Steve Townsend, Association Manager The Select Group, Inc.

To get started, simply call us to discuss pricing and schedule your Pool Inspection or fill out our Request POOL Inspect and we’ll get back to you quickly.

We charge a flat fee for pool inspections. This is a one-time charge if you pre-approve us to do any necessary repairs. However, if anyone else makes the repairs after we have inspected (maintenance man, manager, pool contractor, etc.) we have to charge again for a re-inspection. By asking us to do the inspection, you authorize us to replace / repair bulbs, fixtures, pool lights, motor connections, gfi receptacles, etc. You are not authorizing us to make major rewiring improvements. And no matter what we find, we will keep you updated on anything major that will need to be repaired before we make those repairs.

So, if you’re ready to get started, call us, email us or complete our Request POOL Inspect..

You have a choice of who to work with. We appreciate you choosing us and will continue to earn your confidence.

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  • Public and community pool inspection
  • Public and community pool inspection