Problem Solved

Relay Electric is responsive, educated, thorough and reasonable. When’s the last time a contractor suggested an alternative “fix” that would save you money!
Sally Stamper, Hutcheson Realty

Many times our creative work solutions start with a simple request – just like this one:

Q: HELP … My landscape maintenance company is destroying my light poles. Is there anything you can do?

A: Absolutely. We’ve seen what landscape maintenance [weedwacking] can do to a light pole. Because of that, we have created our own protective pole cover that can be installed for less than $100. This cost effective solution can be replaced as often as desired, and takes the beating rather than a $1,000+ pole.

Q: Vandals have destroyed my entrance lights. What can I do?

A: We heard this so many times that Carey designed and now builds steel boxes with reinforced tops specifically to protect landscape and entrance lighting. The boxes have long legs that go deep into the ground making them difficult to remove. The front is grated allowing the light to shine out, but make it difficult for vandals to break any bulbs. They are painted bronze to blend into the landscape. If someone really wants to get to and damage your lights, they will. But we have found these boxes has stopped many would be vandals.

Q: How do I know if my egress lighting would work in a real emergency?

A: Many times people just hit the test button to see if their egress lighting is working. The problem with that is that just about anything will work if you’re holding the button. We offer our clients a service where we regularly schedule and check all of their egress lighting systems. To do this we disable the power and actually leave the system down to see how long it works. We keep records of battery changes and give our clients peace of mind knowing (not guessing) that their systems will perform when an emergency hits.

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